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13 July 2012 @ 01:08 am
Anthrocon 2012 report (cont'd): Sunday, June 17 (final day & con wrapup)  
My actual Sunday experience was short and rather uneventful. Not much to say about my final day at the con other than I made it into the dealer's room that morning and stopped by the Chakat's Den to buy the final issue of South Fur Lands fanzine, and the book Jazmyn, which Goldfur autographed for me. Then back to the hotel to check out, and on to the Golden Palace for lunch., before finally taking off for home at 2:00pm.

Allegheny River
Along the Allegheny River just behind the DLCC. 1:34pm.

Lamper at the entrance of the Doubletree. Last fursuit picture I took at this year's con. 1:59pm.

On the way home, I ran into some other furries at the Somerset rest stop on the turnpike Rt. 76E. I was wearing my con badges, and one of them asked me, "hey, were you at Anthrocon?" That was neat. There were 4 of them, I think... only name I can remember from their group is Knight.

windmill generators
5 of the 6 giant windmill power generators visible from the Somerset rest stop along the PA turnpike. 3:40pm

Leaving the convention before it was over on Sunday was not my preference. Of all the ACs I've been to (2007-2012, that's 6 in a row), this was the first one where I did not get to attend closing ceremonies. But, I had committments, and I went to the con knowing full well ahead of time that this was how it was going to have to be this year, so that made it less painful to leave. I had a promise to keep, and I am true to my word, and on Monday morning while many would still be getting ready to check out of their hotel rooms, I would be on Assateague Island, MD. Might as well show a few pics from that, too:

Assateague Island

Assateague Island

Assateague Island

Okay, back to the furry stuff. Reflecting on my trip this year, here are a few things that happened during the convention that I forgot to mention earlier, both fursuit-related:

Friday night, I think it was, I was in my fursuit partial, and as I was passing through the Westin lobby on my way out, there were these 2 cute girls (when I say girls, I mean grown up, attractive adult females, not kids) talking to another fursuiter just outside the Westin gift shop. I walked by them slowly, turning to look at them, and their expressions lit up, and one of them said to me, "OMG, you're beautiful!" That really made me feel wonderful inside... thank you, thank you, tell me more, lovely ladies! I didn't speak at all, as I rather prefer to stay in character by remaining silent, but I tried to sign with my paws and with head nods to these girls to tell them that they were beautiful, too. They asked for a picture, for which I was happy to pose with them. Then, I waved goodbye and reluctantly went on my way. Would have loved to hang out with them for a while, but wasn't sure how to continue interaction without talking, so I left. Maybe I should have stayed. Would sure love to see those pictures.

Another encounter worthy of mention was in the lobby of the Doubletree, could have been Friday or Saturday. Anyway, I got off the elevator and as I was passing through the lobby, there was this little kid who saw me and started backing up and clutched onto his mother for reassurance. I went around the other way to keep my distance. I could hear her telling him, "it's okay, it's just a person in a costume," but he was still scared. That was kind of amusing, that he believed my character might have been real, and was intimidating... well, lions are that, indeed!

And one other time I got a photo request in the Doubletree lobby by a lady standing by the registration desk, who said it "makes her summer" (or something like that) when the furries come to Pittsburgh. She said, "I love you guys, thank you for coming!"

Final words:
I did get to see closing ceremonies later on YouTube, so thank you to that person who recorded and uploaded that so I could see it. You know, though I didn't do as much as in previous years, especially photography-wise, I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation at AC this year. I have had an overload of stress and anxiety for the past 7 months, but when I was at the convention in Pittsburgh, all worries were gone for that period of time. And isn't that what a vacation is supposed to do, take you away from it all? Anthrocon 2012 certainly did... it was, for me indeed, a mid-summer night's dream come true!
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Tom's Reptile Blog: pic#110669547tomsblog on August 20th, 2012 01:40 am (UTC)
What great fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself.