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20 June 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Anthrocon 2012 report: Thursday, June 14  
Arrived in Pittsburgh about 5:30pm on Thursday. Before going to the con, first took a temporary diversion and went to visit the Duquesne Incline. Had a hard time finding it (which wasted about 30-45min), but I finally got there and rode the incline to the top. Interesting, unique piece of history, over 100-years-old, and gave a spectacular view at the top!

Duquesne Incline

Duquesne Incline and Pittsburgh
View of Pittsburgh and the Duquesne Incline

View of Pittsburgh zoomed in on the David Lawrence Convention Center
View of Pittsburgh zoomed in on the David Lawrence Convention Center, where I'd soon be at, where Anthrocon 2012 was taking place

Duquesne Incline tracks
OMG this thing is steep... lion was a-scairt!

Stayed at the the Doubletree this year; I stayed there before, in 2009, and I like this hotel. For the first time, had my own room. After checking in, I took the 3-1/2 block walk over to the DLCC and got my badge & con bag (I was preregistered, very convenient). Saw a number of people I recognized milling about the area. Stopped to talk with Subwoofer for a while. It was getting late and I hadn't had supper yet, so I ran over to the Golden Palace, but just missed their buffet which closed at 9pm. Fernando's looked packed, so went down to Subway and the door wouldn't open. Took about half a minute to realize they were closed, but then someone from the restaurant came and opened the door and let us inside anyway. Lots of furries in there, including a fursuiter who was one of my favorites from last year, in line just ahead of me! And, I got a free soda because I was wearing my new lion tail!

Keirin at Subway
Keirin at Subway restaurant

Stopped in at the Westin on my way back to the hotel. Got some pics in the lobby, then went up to the zoo, which was seemingly full of humans but almost devoid of fursuiters (save one). Then, after getting a pic of that one, on my way out the door from the zoo I ran into Tiffany, another favorite from last year! Yes!! So I got several pictures of her there by the doorway, including one with myself. :)

Cooper Tom
Cooper Tom (kitty on right) in the Westin lobby

long eared fursuiter
"Grandma, what long ears you've got!" Badge read Coyox

Tiffany in the entrance to the zoo. Beautiful! :)

I was going to check out the dance at the DLCC, but I was really beat... had been losing sleep all week and had just gotten to bed at 3am Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning) getting ready for the con, so I went back to my hotel room and called it a night. Bedtime was eleven-something, as I remember, possibly my earliest night ever at a convention. Good decision on my behalf. Nice, quiet hotel, best night's sleep I'd gotten for over a week.

To be continued with Friday, June 15...
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